aimed to bring you the perfect colourings ideal for your favourite youtubers. requests are open!


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psd #01 by melodypsds (◡‿◡✿)

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'Ello, this is a masterpost of sharpen actions, here contains more than 20 links with amazing actions to use on pictures and gifs. None of ‘em are mine, but the credits are there, don’t worry about it.

for pictures;

stupidresources | dnacoloring l-agallerrie hitcoloring | everdeenrosie | addictedtophotoshop artjunkpsds | psperfect dailyresources | vanillaphotoshop (1) pspretty vanillaphotoshop (2) | pornps | coloring-psd | 

for gifs;

lagallerrie rollpsds whatphotoshop annedrews addictedtophotoshop styingstrong | demicoloring | morgrana oswwin | kendiall alphacolour |

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PSD 424  → pastel psd for YouTube videos, but will also work on other scenes 

  • Contains no vibrance.
  • May need to adjust brightness.
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Finally working on some new PSDs today to go up soon, if anyone has any requests for a specific YouTuber please don’t hesitate to leave their name in my ask. :)


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psd made by cabaretpsds #$%@ {gifs made by boxgifs}

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PSTHRONES .006 // cloudapp

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